The Final Days of Akers

Akers, part of John Cockerill was a local supplier of high-quality steel castings for the local steel industry. Unfortunately, as of today the good times have come to an end and all that remains is dust.

a photograph taken inside of a former steel producing factory owned by the Akers company. the photo shows many gauges and buttons.

Akers, a subsidiary of John Cockerill, a group specialized in construction, and servicing of industrial equipment and systems. Formerly known as “Cockerill Sambre”, it was later acquired by the Akers group in 2000. Akers was a supplier of high-quality steel castings and components, especially for the local rolling mills such as the one in Chertal.

Unfortunately, the good days have come to an end. Over the years, thieves and vandals have taken over the place. Now it is time for the demolition crew to bring an end to this beauty. As of today, a large part has been demolished and not much interesting is left to capture.