Slaughterhouse G / Slachthuis G

Today we explore the dark past of an abandoned slaughterhouse in Belgium. After more than 50 years of processing pigs, this slaughterhouse eventually closed down. Let's venture inside to see what this eerie place has to offer us.

binnenkant van slachthuis genk gevonden door urban explorers

Opened in the year of 1960, this slaughterhouse was a booming business for the Belgian meat industry. After many years, and thousands of pigs, the slaughterhouse eventually declared bankruptcy in the mid 2010s after several hygiene concerns. Since then the slaughterhouse remained closed. Through the years, there have been several fires within the slaughterhouse and other traces of vandalism. As of 2023 a permit to demolish of the facility was given.

We explored this place in the beginning of May this year. The slaughterhouse has a very eerie atmosphere and a terrible smell. There was not that much to see other than a lot of empty cooling cells and the room where the pigs were unloaded, gassed and processed.