Power Plant Orange

Power Plant Orange is a partially decommissioned power plant. It houses a large orange turbine, and has a huge chimney. Join us on this adventure in which we explore the abandoned power station.

a photograph of a turbine inside a former coal power plant

Power Plant Orange has its name from its uniquely colored orange turbine. When you walk into the turbine hall, you’ll find that it is a real eye-catcher.

The power plant is still partially active. It has four blocks: E1, E2, E3 and E4 with a combined output of 637 MW. Block E1 and E2 are gas fired, block E3 and E4 were coal-fired.

In the beginning of the 2010s, the shutdown of block E3 was announced, and a few years later it was decommissioned. Near the end of the 2010s, the closure of block E4 was announced, a year later the E4 block was decommissioned.

Since then, only the gas-fired E1 and E2 blocks are operating, with the coal units slowly fading away. This year, the demolition of the coal blocks was announced. That’s when we decided that this was the moment to infiltrate this power plant.

Although there are only two coal blocks, they are huge. The chimney from the DeNOx part of the facility is higher than 280 meters. And the buildings at the DeNOx part are a staggering 80 meters high. Enjoy the pictures!