Lost Seagulls

Somewhere at an undisclosed urbex location, two F-84F Thunderstreak fighter jets are being used as target practice. Let's make our way through military training grounds to find these beautiful pieces of machinery.

urbex abandoned fighet jet

Explore the intriguing site of Lost Seagulls, famously dubbed “Riddled Bombers,”. Nestled within an active military training zone where live fire exercises unfold. My venture into this distinctive urbex locale took place on the serene second day of Christmas in 2022. Strategically chosen to avoid active firing exercises.

At the heart of this site lie two F-84F Thunderstreak turbojet bomber-fighters, relics of a bygone era. Armed with six .50 caliber machine guns and the capacity to carry up to 6,000lb (2,700 kg) of weaponry, including the Mark 7 nuclear bomb. These jets now serve an ironic role—they are the targets. Positioned alongside various ground vehicles, they form an expansive shooting range essential for honing soldiers’ marksmanship.

This military practice terrain, frozen in time, paints a vivid picture of the metamorphosis these once-mighty aircraft have undergone. The jets, once guardians of the skies, are now static figures on the horizon, absorbing the impact of training rounds. The echoes of live fire exercises have given way to an eerie stillness, punctuated only by the whispers of history embedded in the very soil beneath.

The landscape not only features the silent sentinels of the air. It also includes a tank repurposed as a target for mortar practice. Each element within this training ground contributes to a symphony of strategic preparation, where soldiers refine their skills with precision and finesse.

Exploring this site during offered a unique perspective, allowing for a closer examination of the artifacts frozen in time. Transitioning seamlessly from the festive atmosphere of Christmas to the subdued surroundings of military history, the experience was both surreal and thought-provoking.