Lost Frequencies

Located somewhere in the Belgian countryside stands an old transmitting facility nicknamed Lost Frequencies. Join us on our adventure in which we explore the facility.

a photograph of the control panel inside a former transmitting facility used by the belgian radio

Operational for over 80 years, Lost Frequencies served as a pivotal radio transmitting hub for the Belgian public broadcaster, RTBF. Constructed in 1939, it initially facilitated radio transmissions and expanded its reach to television transmissions in 1954.

The facility witnessed a significant shift when RTBF halted its broadcasts in 2018, rendering the transmitting facility obsolete. The dismantling process commenced in late 2020, targeting the short wave antennas, followed by the explosive removal of two medium wave pylons in early 2021. The sole remaining pylon now manages DAB and FM frequencies, housed in a modern structure adjacent to it.

Despite its disuse, Lost Frequencies remained tethered to the grid, with functioning lights and an operational security panel on the ground level. Ascending to the second floor, we discovered a server linked to radio controls and an antenna, possibly transmitting diagnostics to an undisclosed location.

As we navigated the facility, the quiet hum of history resonated through the corridors. Transitioning from the vibrant past to its current serene state, Lost Frequencies embodies a silent witness to the evolution of broadcasting in Belgium.