Kraftwerk B

Today, we venture inside what once was one of Germany's largest power plants. We must be careful as there is an active power plant next door. Explore the turbine hall, boiler house and the beautiful view with us.

a photo of the empty turbine hall inside a former power plant; the name of the power plant is kraftwerk b

“Kraftwerk B” (German for Power Plant B) was a lignite-fired power plant in Germany. Its rated output of over 3,500 megawatts made it the largest coal-fired power plant in Germany at its height in the 1980s. Since its opening, the power plant housed 14 units; twelve 210 MW units and two 500 MW units.

Because the filter technology and efficiency did not meet German standards, the majority of the power plant blocks were shut down. As of now, the power plant’s outdated systems are being taken apart. The turbine hall has been stripped, only the four cranes remain.

A newer and cleaner power plant has been installed next to the former power plant. It is still in use and also runs on lignite. During our visit, we saw several workers around the site.