Kermit Frog Power Plant

Named after its green turbine, the Kermit Frog power plant was a coal-fired power plant. It housed two turbines, today the power plant is demolished.

a photograph of a green turbine in an abandoned power plant. the photograph shows the turbine hall, machinery and a crane.

Indeed, the power plant we explored in Europe boasts an unconventional name. Sporting both a green and a blue turbine, the latter resembling a frog when viewed from the generator’s end, we fondly dubbed it the Kermit Frog power plant. Adding to the whimsy, the blue turbine earned the moniker of Cookie Monster.

This facility ceased operations in the mid-2010s, relying on hard coal to power its two turbines. The decision to decommission stemmed from the considerable expenses required to align with modern EU standards. As a wave of closures swept through coal power plants, some found a place in the national reserve. Regrettably, the Kermit Frog power plant met a different fate, succumbing to decommissioning, and now faces impending demolition.

Exploring the Power Plant

The exact date of our exploration remains undisclosed. Navigating the site proved challenging, with vigilant guards patrolling actively. Successfully infiltrating and exiting without detection, we narrowly avoided a close encounter.

Exploring abandoned sites such as this power plant offers a glimpse into the past, unraveling stories of industrial decline. As coal-powered structures face extinction, each exploration becomes a race against time to capture the essence of these forgotten relics before they vanish entirely.

Our journey into the heart of this dormant powerhouse echoes the broader narrative of shifting energy landscapes. The visual metaphor of a frog, embodied by the turbine’s form, adds a touch of whimsy to an otherwise stark industrial setting. This unique blend of history and imaginative nomenclature brings a sense of playfulness to the solemnity of decommissioned structures.

The reality of navigating these sites involves tactful evasion, as was the case with the Kermit Frog power plant. The ongoing demolition serves as a poignant reminder of the impermanence of these once-mighty structures. Our urban exploration not only captures a moment frozen in time but also highlights the transient nature of industrial progress.