Army Trucks

"Army Trucks" is a vehicle storage located in the Belgian suburbs. The storage houses mostly tanker trucks and storage trucks.

a photo of a military truck found during urban exploring

“Army Trucks” stands as a unique vehicle storage nestled in the Belgian suburbs. Dominated by tanker and storage trucks, this depot boasts a fascinating urban exploration opportunity.

The majority of these trucks, once proudly serving the Belgian government, now find themselves retired and available for public auction. These retired vehicles have found new homes under the ownership of a private company. Poised for resale or destined to be disassembled for spare parts.

Notably, some trucks in this repository have become relics of the past. With nature slowly reclaiming the back part of the terrain. It’s essential to highlight that the owner of this vehicular treasure trove holds a less-than-enthusiastic view toward urban explorers.

Transitioning through the grounds, one can’t help but marvel at the varied history each truck carries. From government service to auction blocks and now resting in this suburban sanctuary, each vehicle tells a unique tale.

As you navigate this intriguing landscape, it becomes evident that time has woven its threads into the metal frames and faded paint of these retired trucks. The fusion of urban exploration and the rustic charm of forgotten vehicles makes “Army Trucks” an alluring destination.

Despite the captivating allure of this vehicular graveyard, it’s important to respect the owner’s wishes and exercise caution while treading through this urban relic. In the pursuit of exploration, let us not forget the stories these trucks silently whisper about days gone by.