Abandoned Road House I

a photograph of an abandoned brick house in belgium

Finding abandoned places is 90% exploring your local area, satellite images help but result way too many times in false positives. We’re on our adventure back from the munitions’ depot when we stumble across this empty house. We parked our cars on the side of the road and walked over to the house. From the outside, it looked, pretty neat. The windows are partially made of stained-glass, not something you see every day. Once we made our way inside, we quickly realized that this house was never finished. It is completely empty, except for some building materials here and there. The floor is just concrete, and the stairs are from wood.

There are 3 floors: the basement, first floor, and second floor. Like most abandoned places, the basement is completely filled with water. The house is pretty small, but contains an extension in which the bathroom is located. Although there isn’t that much to see, it was still a nice find.