Abandoned NATO M.P.R + Bunker

Somewhere hidden in Belgium lies a recently abandoned NATO facility. This facility contains a radar and bunker. Join us while we venture inside and explore the bunker.

a photograph of a military grade medium power radar in a weather dome. the radar is located in an abandoned nato facility

Located somewhere hidden in Belgium lies an abandoned NATO facility. This facility was opened in the early 1950s and went out of service in 2021. The site contains a medium power radar (M.P.R) and a relatively large bunker. While the base was in operation, it also housed two F-16 fighter jets.

As of now the base has been left to decay away, I hope it doesn’t get much attention because it is an epic place to visit. Copper thieves have already started their work, vandalism will probably follow. Let’s talk a bit more about the current state. The facility is completely fenced off and the bunker has been sealed off (unless you know how to get in, like I do). The MPR is fenced off too, and the building connected to the MPR has been blocked off with reinforced steel bars. From what it looks like, a part of the facility has been reconverted to a refugee center; There are a lot of people, and the buildings have power + CCTV (a lot of cameras).

But that doesn’t keep us away from exploring the place. We started with the M.P.R, after that we explored the facility to find the bunker entrance, which has been sealed off. But we didn’t give up, after a while we found a way to get inside. The bunker is pretty big, we spent approximately 2.5 hours inside. The air quality inside isn’t great due to the lack of ventilation, but we brought facemasks.

Anyway, enough about the facility, let’s get into the pictures. Enjoy!